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TVBS Interview Coin Change Machine

Thanks to the TVBS news interview report

Change Machine electric eye identification 
"Penetration, Refraction" to prevent single-sided counterfeit banknotes

Those who are interested in using the currency machine to make money laundering crimes, but the currency machine operators said that the real counterfeit banknote detection system is very sophisticated now. It is recommended to update it regularly for half a year, keeping the internal database of the machine with the latest "counterfeit banknote data", and five years ago The coin machine counterfeit banknote identification system can only detect one side of the banknote. As long as one side of the banknote is a real banknote, it will be misjudged. However, the electric eye recognition system of the machine now uses the principle of light refraction and penetration to detect banknotes at the same time. On both sides, the rate of receiving counterfeit notes has been reduced by less than 2%.